Caravaggio’s Legacy Private Tour

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On this private Caravaggio legacy tour, you'll get insider access to the main paintings of the most well known and mysterious Baroque artist in the world.

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On this tour we will visit three awe-inspiring churches that house some of Caravaggio’s most beautiful masterpieces.


Santa Maria del Popolo

Santa Maria del Popolo is like a primer on the development of art and architecture from the early Renaissance through the baroque. Pinturicchio, Bramante, Guillaume de Marcillat, Sansovino, Raphael, Sebastiano del Piombo, Lorenzetto, Bernini, Annibale Carracci and of course, Caravaggio all feature here.


St. Mary of the People was originally built to evict Nero's ghost and is the perfect home to the tense, dramatic style of Caravaggio.


Your tour guide will lead you to the left of the altar to gaze upon the beautiful juxtaposition of Caravaggio's The Crucifixion of St. Peter and his rival Annibale

Carracci's Assumption of the Virgin - housed opposite each other.

One of the main attractions to this little church is the chance to see Caravaggio's art in its intended home.


From here, you and your guide will head to the San Luigi dei Francesi for Caravaggio's St. Matthew cycle of paintings.


San Luigi dei Francesi

San Luigi dei Francesi is an unmissable stop for Caravaggio fans. Completed in 1589 , the church was designed by noted Renaissance architects Giacomo della Porta and Domenico Fontana.


Caravaggio-wise, the church is home to three of his huge canvases:

  • The Calling of St. Matthew
  • The Martyrdom of St. Matthew, and
  • St. Matthew and the Angel.


All three are simply masterpieces and show Caravaggio's mastery of light and shadow.


San Agostino

Finally, your guide will take you for a quick stroll just off Piazza Navona’s corner to the early Renaissance church of San Agostino.


The first altar on the left inside contains Caravaggio’s almost mannerist “Madonna del Loreto”. This features a pair of dirty-footed pilgrims kneeling before the willowy, velvet-robed Virgin who’s carrying a ridiculously oversized (if marvelously lifelike) Christ child.


  • The Conversion of St. Paul (Santa Maria del Popolo Church)
  • The Crucifixion of St. Peter (Santa Maria del Popolo Church)
  • Madonna del Loreto (Sant’Agostino Church)
  • The Calling of Saint Matthew (San Luigi dei Francesi Church)
  • The Martyrdom of Saint Matthew (San Luigi dei Francesi Church)
  • Saint Matthew and the Angel (San Luigi dei Francesi Church)


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